Success Stories

Lodi Municipal Code Violation Cases

The City Attorney’s Office with the assistance of Katie O. Lucchesi, Deputy City Attorney, continues to prosecute repeat offenders of the Lodi Municipal Code with jail time, probation and stay away orders.

What Has Lodi Done

It is important to know that Lodi has taken many steps leading up to today to address homelessness and low-income housing, including the following:

  • Funded Salvation Army Emergency Shelter purchase and move from Downtown (Sacramento Street) to Stockton Street.
  • Funded Hope Harbor Family Homeless shelter construction.
  • Funded Lodi House acquisition and improvements (assists approximately 15 families per year with a 60 percent success rate).
  • Assisted with funding for low income senior housing development “Hotel Lodi.”
  • Assisted with funding for low income senior housing development “Cranes Landing.”
  • Assisted with funding from repairs of low income housing at Housing Authority of San Joaquin and Lodi House.
  • First time Low Income Housing Buyers Assistance Program.
  • Added one full-time Transient Liaison Officer (TLO) and one part-time TLO.
  • Measure L will add a 2nd full-time TLO when academy and training complete.
  • Purchased police F150 to help remove litter when TLO on scene.
  • Created Transient Outreach Teams to focus on quality of life issues.
  • City Attorney’s Office dedicates 50-60 hours per month to homeless citations and prosecutions, focusing on repeat offenders (ten 10-100 day sentences of repeat offenders).
  • Relocated over 100 people in need to rehabilitation programs and family assistance.
  • Worked with Committee on Homelessness to encourage volunteer groups to end park feedings and concentrate services at Salvation Army.
  • Multiple clean-ups of Awani Drive and other City properties.
  • Worked with Take Back Lodi to make it possible for volunteers to work in public rights-of-way.
  • Worked with volunteer groups to improve homeless count to increase eligibility for aid.
  • Advocated with Assemblymember Cooper, Senator Galgiani, Caltrans, and California Highway Patrol for better control of activity at Highway 99 bridge.
  • Advocated with same groups for fencing projects that have already begun.
  • Assisted Committee on Homelessness to fund two ABC NorCal work training programs to get homeless youth trained for a trade.
  • Provided funding for Ready to Work San Joaquin homeless job training program (9 Lodi residents housed and trained).
  • Adopted shopping cart ordinance.
  • Partnered with County to create the Continuum of Care to receive and distribute grant funds.
  • Only city in county to agree to fund Countywide Homeless Outreach Coordinator.
  • One of only two cities to apply for housing grant under Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP).
  • Historically, the City allocates Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds on an annual basis for various types of social service projects that assist homeless; such as, Emergency Food Bank, Second Harvest, and Salvation Army. Projects also include repairs to existing shelters; like, Lodi House, Grace and Mercy, and Salvation Army.
  • Lodi Improvement Committee and Committee on Homelessness helped lead the effort to improve the accuracy of the Point In Time Count in 2019. This allows the City to better understand the demand for homeless services and to apply for funding.
  • Clean Parks Safe Kids Campaign with more frequent park maintenance.
  • Expired tag towing program.
  • Received a $63,000 Grant from San Joaquin County to install temporary sanitation facilities at Chapman Field.

Monthly Statistics from Transient Outreach Team and Community Liaison Officer

Lodi's Meetings on Homelessness